5 things you should not do on Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool to keep your customers engaged. But, mistakes on your Facebook page can demote your product or services.

  • Never try to buy fake page likes or post likes, by buying fake engagements, you are trying to fool yourself. I would like to suggest you to boost or promote your page using paid promotional services by Facebook instead of buying fake engagements.
  • Don't just post photos, put a caption with it. Remember, your post banner should be attractive in design. Don't try to place too much text in post banners, use the caption for this.
  • Don't forget to view insights regularly. Insights help to set and reach new goals.
  • Don't create a Facebook profile instead of a business page.
  • Don't make your posts too long because people ignore long posts.
5 things you should not do on Facebook 5 things you should not do on Facebook Reviewed by Codebrother India on June 21, 2018 Rating: 5